April Gardening Tips

April Gardening Tips

If you are a keen amateur gardener, April is the month when things really get going.

The garden is bursting with life and with it so is the list of Jobs!!! There are several activities for you to focus on throughout the Month.


Now is the time to sow hardy annual flower seeds should it is dependent on the variety of flower as to whether you sow indoors or outdoors.

Varieties that are considered to be half-hardy should also be sown and kept inside either in the greenhouse or on a windowsill.

Should you intend to adorn your garden with hanging baskets, they can be plated and kept in a greenhouse.

Fruit Trees:

Should your garden feature any soft fruit trees, they can be particularly vulnerable at this time of year with many fruit trees budding it is essential to take steps to protect your fruit trees new Growth.

It is relatively easy to protect smaller fruit trees by covering them with a fleece overnight which should then be removed in the morning.

Soft fruit bushes and strawberries should also be protected in this way.

Lawn Repairs

The damp cool weather presents the perfect opportunity to repair a tired lawn any bare patches from wear and tear can be tackled relatively easily.

Lawns can be repaired using either turf or seed should your lawn be in an extremely poor condition now is the time to consider entirely relaying or reseeding the lawn.

Should you be considering repairing the lawn, yourself take a look at this instructional guide from the RHS.

We are experts in the installation of new lawns feel free to get in touch.

Other Activities:

  • Keep weeds under control.
  • Tie in climbing and rambling roses.
  • Start to feed citrus plants.
  • Increase the water given to houseplants.
  • Feed shrubs and roses.