February Gardening Tips

February Gardening Tips

With the Winter almost behind us and temperatures rising the garden starts to show the first signs of life many buds are now forming on the trees and snowdrops are in full bloom.

Now is the time to get the gloves and boots on and set about giving your garden the best possible start to the year, solid preparation in February will ensure your garden launches into spring in the best possible condition.

Dust off the Secateurs

You still have time prune the deciduous hedges in your garden some hardy evergreens can also be pruned providing the risk of frost has passed.

Fruit trees such as apple and pears should also be pruned along with any cane fruits including raspberries and blackberries.

The borders of your garden need some particular attention this time of year if you haven’t already done so cut back the dead from herbaceous plants.

Preparation is key

Borders also need weeding and digging through with a good quality manure or compost to improve drainage and enrich the soil.

Bare root fruit trees can be planted along with bare root hedging. If you are growing vegetables this year now is the time to dig through vegetable beds with organic matter.

Should you wish to bring a new lease of life to Herbaceous plants that have grown too large, they can be divided this will rejuvenate the plant and increase its flowering, again should you choose to divide at this time of year try to ensure you do this when the risk of frost has passed.


January Gardening Tips

January in the garden

With it being cold outside many gardeners fall into the trap of thinking there is little to do in the garden, however, whether an avid or amateur gardener there is plenty to be getting on with, so without further ado it’s time to dust off those tools.

First things first! Carry out a spot check of your garden look for any damage caused by high winds or weathering this could include checking the stability of any posts, supports, or plant ties.

Make the most of the fresh start

The fresh start January brings is a perfect time to plan your activities for the upcoming year this may include deciding upon and ordering new seeds and plants.

Now is the ideal time to contemplate changes to the design and layout of your garden, for example, new borders this action allows you to factor in and allocate time to achieving your plans.

Protect the ecosystem of your garden if you can avoid it hold off cutting back any overgrown areas of the garden as they provide much-needed sanctuary for wildlife.

Don’t forget the birds! Frost is always a factor in January making grubs insects and other natural food difficult to come by, fat balls are perfect at this time of year giving birds some extra energy.

Other useful activities can include:

  • Dig Over Unused Plots.
  • For an Earlier Crop Force Rhubarb.
  • Pruning Pear & Apple Trees.
  • Clean Out The Greenhouse Including Pots etc.
  • Deal With Those Unsightly Worm Casts.