June Gardening Tips

June Gardening Tips


June is a lovely month in the Garden with Summer is in full swing, now is the time to start enjoying the toils of your hard work. However, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security there is still plenty to do.

Dig out perennial weeds as soon as you notice them the trick here is not to let perennial weeds such as dandelions produce leaves, continually digging weeds out at this stage will eventually make the roots of the offending weed die.


Mowing your lawn once a week throughout June is the key to keeping it in best possible shape this little and often approach to lawn mowing produces the best results.

When experiencing periods of prolonged dryness, you may decide to allow your lawn to grow a little longer this will help the grass to retain moisture. Some avid gardeners prefer to use mulching lawnmowers as they disperse an ultrafine layer of shredded glass on top of the soil; this helps to return nutrients to the earth.

Should you be considering doing so now is the time to apply a nitrogen-based fertiliser to your lawn be careful to follow the manufacturers instructions to the letter.

June represents the final opportunity to plant summer bedding varieties such as cannas and dahlias along with any plants you have raised from seed in the greenhouse.


Many common garden pests become active in June including the destructive vine weevil which typically effects containerised plants. Should you notice Vine Weevil larvae, they should be treated swiftly with chemical controls.

Snails and the gardeners’ scourge “Slugs” are still active throughout June Therefore continue to protect any susceptible plants.

Should you be fortunate enough to have a pond in your garden it is a good idea to check Lillies for the Scarlet Lilly Bettle this is an aggressive pest which can wreak havoc in a matter of days.