March Gardening Tips

March Gardening Tips

Spring is well and truly on its way, and many keen amateur gardeners will be itching to get out in the garden.

March is the month in which your garden should be bursting into a chorus of natural colour with Daffodils, Crocus and Erythronium all in flower.

The longer days present the perfect opportunity to sow seeds for germination later in the year in terms of vegetable seeds you should be planting carrots, parsnips, lettuce, peas, broad beans and turnips.

March is the perfect time to sow a wildflower seed mix. When planting Wildflowers soil preparation is the key to success.

Safety first!

A word of caution! When it comes to weather March can be quite unsettled, and it is not uncommon to see frosts if you are considering planting be sure to check whether the plant is a frost-tender variety.

If you do decide to plant, take precautions. Protect the bed with fleecing or a cloche tunnel to ward off the potential of frost damage and keep pests away to a certain degree.

If your garden has heavy soil now is the time to act digging through heavy soils with organic matter will improve the drainage of the ground.


March sees the return of the gardeners arch enemy the humble garden slug. It is time to stop these beasties in their tracks.

Your local garden centre will retail many different styles of slug trap. However, you can create traps yourself any deep vessel filled with beer will be irresistible for slugs merely push the container into the soil and let the allure of the beer do the dirty work.

Slugs hate copper if a slug infestation reaches epidemic proportions, copper tapes can be purchased from garden centres these serve to create a barrier around the plant.

If you are still experiencing problems with these persistent critters, it could be time for a moonlight raid, arm yourself with a torch and bowl of hot salty water, we shall leave the rest to your imagination.