May Gardening Tips


May Gardening Tips

May is a pivotal month in the garden, now is the time to get busy as the work undertaken in May will determine how your garden looks throughout the summer months. Lawns, in particular, will benefit from your attention throughout May, other activities include the sowing of several types of seed ranging from Primroses through to Radish and Cauliflower. Dealing with Weeds at the first possible opportunity should also be high on your to-do list.


With grass at its most active now is the time to carry out weed treatments, weeds should be dealt with at the earliest possible opportunity before they have a chance to set in you can also apply lawn fertiliser in May.

Only use fertilisers and weed treatments if your lawn is well established.

Mow your lawn regularly throughout May with the blades set at maximum height.

Remove the lawns most common weeds these include couch weed and bindweed among others, the trick here is to tease these weeds out of the lawn and cut their roots.


Provided the weather has been kind, and the risk of frost has passed it is time to introduce summer bedding plants to the garden try to do this in late May to be certain that the threat of frost has elapsed. If you are unsure, leave this until next month.

If you would like to do so removing the tip of new shoots of some variety of flowers such as fuchsias can help the plant to branch out.

Start to check your flowers for the dreaded gardener’s nemesis greenfly as nipping this persistent garden pest in the bud at the earliest opportunity can prevent an infestation.

Removing dead heads from certain flowers including pansies can help to encourage additional growth.

For more May Gardening Tips take a look at the RHS website alternatively take a look at our garden maintenance page to discover how our team can help you to achieve your perfect garden.