November Gardening Tips


November Gardening Tips

With Christmas just around the corner, November is a time synonymous with falling leaves and plummeting temperatures it is at this point of the year that wildlife begins to need a helping hand.

Put an emphasis on keeping your pride, and joy tidy, regular cleans ups of fallen leaves are very much in order at this time of year particularly from your lawn beds and ponds,

If you do have a pond, it is particularly important to clean fallen leaves, and other debris from the water as a build-up of organic matter can harm your aquatic life.

Planting tulips in November is a good move If you want your garden to burst into life at the first hint of spring and let’s face it who doesn’t?

When planting Tulips check the bulbs for any size of damage or rot should you see either of these problems discard immediately.

Be sure to plant the bulbs at least twice their width apart and at suitable depth typically the equivalent of three bulbs in height.


Encouraging wild birds back into your garden is an excellent way to help local wildlife to survive the winter this along with the bonus of watching birds feed.

Fat balls are a great place to start try to use wire mesh cages as opposed to the plastic string ball style plastic is a hot topic at the moment due to the fact it will not compose for years this along with the fact that some birds can get their tounges caught in plastic meshing.

Try to vary the foods you leave out for birds this will affect the types of birds you attract into the garden as like us some birds prefer different foods, sunflower heads, mixed berries and insect cakes will all improve the diversity of birds visiting your garden.


Should you be considering a bonfire for fireworks night make sure to check for Hedgehogs Toads Frogs and other wildlife.

If you have a compost heap try to keep the turning of your heap to a minimum throughout the Winter months as Compost heaps tend to be a refuge for many creatures including Toads, Frogs, and Hedgehogs.