September Gardening Tips

September Gardening Tips

September marks the transition of seasons between Summer and Autumn, September can be a busy month if you have been growing vegetables as you will be eagerly harvesting your crops. Other activities will include planting next years spring flowering bulbs including Hyacinth and Crocus.

It is possible to plant new perennials in September as the soil will still be warm and the rainfall in September starts to increase.

September is also a great time to plant new trees and shrubs due to the previously mentioned higher rainfall planting at this time will give them a kickstart next Spring

In the greenhouse:

Take advantage of the fact there is slightly less to do in the garden turning your attention to the greenhouse at this time of year will enable you to get ahead of the curve come next season.

Keeping the greenhouse in good working order can help to keep pests at bay. Start by emptying old pots leftover compost and rotting organic material is the perfect breeding ground for many common garden pests, move onto the greenhouse in general clean shelves and even the floor.

Removing any shading IE Polyethylene mesh or netting or greenhouse blinds, this will allow any plants stored in the greenhouse over the autumn and winter to gain the maximum possible light.

As we move into the Autumn and Winter, other good tips include closing the doors and vents towards the end of the day as this will keep the heat in the greenhouse well into the night.

Make sure to only water in the mornings as watering in the afternoon can create damp overnight conditions which in turn can encourage pests.

Looking after your lawn:

September is an ideal opportunity to lay a new lawn from either turf or seed the autumn is an excellent time to establish a new lawn.

This month also represents the perfect time to practice some much needed TLC on your existing lawn; start by raising the mower blades as growth rates are now slowing.

Other activities include repairing dead patches of lawn and aerating your lawn this can be done with a garden fork this will improve drainage and lessen the risk or waterlogging over the winter months. Aerating also serves to promote new growth next season.

This month is also the perfect time to feed your lawn with a specialist autumn feed which is generally higher in potassium and lower in nitrogen.